General Manager’s report

Increasing the utilisation of our valuable forest resources to ensure a strong, viable timber industry for all Western Australians has been a key focus for the FPC this year.

Our changing resource base and competition from global markets have continued to provide challenges, but we have created opportunities through innovation.

We have developed and implemented strategies to deliver a strong plantation base, alternative markets for low-value products, opportunities for value-adding processing, and job-creation in downstream processing.

The safety of FPC staff and contractors has been a key focus this year. Forestry has innate risks which the FPC seeks to manage, in particular through an industry-wide approach involving our harvesting and haulage contractors and other growers.

The launch of our Community Support Program this year highlights forestry’s valuable contribution to communities, particularly in regional areas. In its first year, the Program has supported projects from 13 community groups including scouts, schools, volunteer firefighters, historical societies and a forest restoration group.

We have supported the Western Australian forestry industry, which employs more than 6,000 people, through our ongoing investment to expand our softwood estate, our $95 million spend supporting employment and services in regional Western Australia, and our commitment to sandalwood and native forest regeneration.

We have continued to manage our productive State forests for recreational use and worked with community groups and government agencies to support community mountain biking and running events.

These achievements are thanks to our dedicated staff who remain committed to ensuring a strong, viable forestry industry for all Western Australians.


Signature of Mr Stuart West



Mr Stuart West | General Manager
7 September 2018