Chairman's report

This year, the Forest Products Commission (FPC) has continued to pave the way for a strong, viable forestry industry through the sustainable development of the native forest, sandalwood and softwood sectors.

We have driven innovation to provide opportunities within the native forest sector; including trialling infield processing of regrowth trees from karri first thinning operations, and exploring harvesting techniques to fully utilise our forest resources.

The FPC has helped strengthen the long-term future of the sandalwood industry by supporting the establishment of a sandalwood oil refinery in the Goldfields and continuing our sandalwood regeneration work, with plans to expand the program next year.

We have continued expanding Western Australia’s softwood estate, establishing 1,583 hectares of additional land for pine plantations, and we launched a pilot Farm Forestry Assist grant for land owners.

This work has been underpinned by a renewed focus on ensuring FPC staff and our contractors have a clear safety culture and the supporting systems in place to provide a safe working environment.

We have invested in lifting the accountability culture within the organisation to better reflect the values which guide our operations.

Several changes occurred to the Board this year, with the resignation of Mrs Jaqueline Jarvis, and the terms of Mr Ewald Valom and Mr Grant Woodhams finishing. I would like to thank them all for their valuable contribution, particularly Mr Ewald Valom who served as Deputy Chairman. The Board also welcomed the appointment of Mr Nick Bayes, Dr Louise Duxbury and Ms Vanessa Elliott.

I wish to thank my fellow commissioners for their support throughout the year and to recognise the professionalism and dedication of all the FPC staff.

I would also like to acknowledge the Minister for Forestry, Dave Kelly for his leadership and guidance.




Mr Ross Holt | Chairman
7 September 2018